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2016-07-15 21:59:36
Great video and review ! Love VR !
govind mittal
2016-12-10 14:19:03
please respond as quickly as possible
Muhammad noufal
2017-04-19 14:39:33
I bought alienware 15r3 with kabelake processor. Today i am having heating problem. On 100C the computer get stuck while playing game. So i tried to update the new version of bios. While installimg bios black screen came. I wait but nothing happeded. I hard shutdown the laptop. Now laptop is not running. When i press the start button beep beep sound came. Sir ease help me please
Sayed Samir Ahmad Pirzada
2017-04-22 13:27:47
Hi Sir,

I have been following you on YouTube for a long period and at first I would like to thank you for updating us and providing information and reviews regarding latest technologies.
Afterwards I am financially not in a good status I can difficultly overcome my and my family expenses as wehave newly shifted from my homeland Germany sir and I badly need a laptop to continue my studies. So please sir if you had a reviewed laptop with a good specifications that would respond to heavy task loads and also I would be able to play the latest games on my free hours, please send me an e-mail. As I can't afford to buy from market so I would really be thankful for you all my life.
At last I will be waiting for your response and wish you would please, please, please help me fulfill my dream of having such a laptop.


Samir Pirzada
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