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Average Vote: 4.7/5

2016-07-15 21:59:36
Great video and review ! Love VR !
govind mittal
2016-12-10 14:19:03
please respond as quickly as possible
Muhammad noufal
2017-04-19 14:39:33
I bought alienware 15r3 with kabelake processor. Today i am having heating problem. On 100C the computer get stuck while playing game. So i tried to update the new version of bios. While installimg bios black screen came. I wait but nothing happeded. I hard shutdown the laptop. Now laptop is not running. When i press the start button beep beep sound came. Sir ease help me please
Sayed Samir Ahmad Pirzada
2017-04-22 13:27:47
Hi Sir,

I have been following you on YouTube for a long period and at first I would like to thank you for updating us and providing information and reviews regarding latest technologies.
Afterwards I am financially not in a good status I can difficultly overcome my and my family expenses as wehave newly shifted from my homeland Germany sir and I badly need a laptop to continue my studies. So please sir if you had a reviewed laptop with a good specifications that would respond to heavy task loads and also I would be able to play the latest games on my free hours, please send me an e-mail. As I can't afford to buy from market so I would really be thankful for you all my life.
At last I will be waiting for your response and wish you would please, please, please help me fulfill my dream of having such a laptop.


Samir Pirzada
Nik Postinger
2017-08-22 07:23:42
Hello Stephen

My name is Nik Postinger and I manage the team at MediaCom who run Dell’s UK social channels across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

We try to always post on Dell's channels about upcoming technology news and have begun sharing reviews too. In our upcoming calendar I'm keen to post out your video exploring VR games on the Dell Inspiron:

If it is possible, I’d really like to use this video natively (so that it autoplays). I would of course be happy to credit you from the Dell UK account. Do you have a Twitter?

Do let me know your thoughts, if you’re happy for us to do so.

Kind regards

micheal brian
2017-08-29 07:54:48

We are a company that is looking for cargo company that can help us in shipping internationally if i may ask do you accept company card as payment method please kindly get back to us because is urgently hope to hear from you soon thanks for your business.

Micheal Brian

Anshul Saini
2017-09-08 04:54:33
I am confused between "Sager Np9876" and "Aorus x7 dt v7. Please help me to choose between these 2 laptops. I am only concerned about the cpu performance. Which one will perform better out of these two in cpu intensive tasks? I will be using the laptop for music production so there is no role of gpu, but still i will go for gtx 1080 card.
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