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My passion for gaming started in the 80's with the Sinclair ZX81 and Spectrum. Hard to believe we played games on machines with 1 KB of memory !

Then came the consoles likw the Sega Megadrive and plenty of beer as I went to college. The original Xbox got me into PC gaming, I became addicted to Star Wars Battlefront so my wife hid the CD. I decided to build a gaming PC and play on that instead. I was hooked.
As my disposable income increased I bought more and more gadgets, played golf, went for hikes and bought gadgets and gear to support those activities. I go hiking in all weathers - as they say "there is no bad weather, just bad gear" and I believe that is very true for the casual outdoor enthusiast like me. 

I have recently expanded my gaming into virtual reality and so my site and YouTube Channel  will show more and more gadgets and games related to this area.


Of course, I won't neglect regular PC gaming and PC's in general so will do reviews and videos on gameplay and how-to's.
I will do reviews on outerwear as I buy it for those who also like doing stuff outdoors and regular household items that we all buy from time to time.

To round things out, and on a lighter side, I will review wierd things you can buy and when you see them you think "You can't be serious ?".

Hope you enjoy my reviews and if you have the time I welcome any comments on this site or by e-mail to stephen@ownordisown.com.

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